Doris Day

April 3, 1924 Doris Day Do Not Disturb, Pillow Talk, Romancing the High Seas

I must admit when first seeing Doris Day in Lover Come Back, I wasn’t sure she would really measure up to the glitz and glamour I was so used to seeing in Classic Hollywood. Being raised on Ginger Rogers, Audrey Hepburn, and Rita Hayworth, I was used to a more slight, if not frisky glamour girl. Doris brought a grown up “mom” appearance to the primarily dominated “single girl” screen. But then I saw Romancing the High Seas (where at least she had long hair), and I could not stop laughing at Do not Disturb, and The Glass Bottomed Boat. By the time she got to A Touch of Mink, Cary Grant himself commented how very hard it must be to play the quintessential virgin at her age, never actually closing the deal on screen in any of her films. Nevertheless, she brought unequaled musical talent to many a film, excellent dramatic skill in The Man Who Knew Too Much, and comedy at every turn. She may not be the girl I copied my hair or eyeliner technique from, but she definitely had a crafty way of getting men.

Whether it be pretending to be a Russian Spy, losing her bathing suit at the bottom of a lagoon, or leaving her leading man stranded naked ot the beach at night, I’m sure there are important lessons to learn there. Lucky for us, she could also cook! So in honor of her birthday we kick off Spring with Doris Day’s Potato Salad Recipe. Enjoy!
Doris' Potato Salad


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