Three Blind Mice

I have a rule about movies. If they start with a cartoon, or animation, they’re usually pretty great. In fact, I haven’t run across one yet that wasn’t. Three Blind Mice , opens with cute little cartoon caricatures of three sisters, which needless to say, gave me high hopes right off the bat.

In fact, I had way more high hopes flying around, than were probably even obtainable. But let me explain why.  First off, ever since I discovered that 20th Century Fox was releasing a Cinema Archives Collection I’ve been eager to get my hands on them. All of them. Unfortunately, libraries have been slow on the uptake of this collection. Fortunately, I work at a library and was able to con my acquisitions people into considering these. Three Blind Mice is the first to grace our “Just purchased” cart. Second, Three Blind Mice itself promised pieces and parts of the stellar cast I loved in Second Honeymoon.

Third, and this is a biggie folks, we get Loretta Young, Joel McCrea and David Niven during their “Hot Young Things in Hollywood” phase, which pretty much just means pretty clothes, pretty smiles, pretty location. Not that we mind.

Three sisters set up a plan to travel from their chicken farm in Kansas to the sunny beaches of California to catch a rich husband. Just one? Yep, the prettiest ( Miss Young) has just trained her two sisters on how to act like her personal secretary and her maid, because she’s very determined to snatch that rich husband, who will hopefully have rich friends to marry her incognito sisters.  And it’s all a lovely plan until she attaches herself to bachelor #1, (McCrea) who she thinks is massively wealthy only to discover that he too is there to snatch a rich wife, to pay off his family debt.  But when she declares love, and says she’ll marry that poor little rich boy, he throws her back. Enter very rich bachelor #2 ( Niven) who announces the engagement, and brings her home to meet his very rich sister the very next day.

Re-enter bachelor #1 on the arm of bachelor #2’s very rich sister. Can we say awkward? Nevertheless, thus is the life of a gold digger, wrought with shiny, yet jagged, things. And while there seems to be more chemistry between newly-engaged bachelor #2 and sister B than his potential bride, we’re still quite sure it will all come out ok.

While I don’t know what the new 20th Century Fox Cinema Archives Collection, or the Columbia Pictures Pre Code Collection will bring, we’ll be eagerly trying to report what’s worth it here at CH.


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