Happy Birthday Mr. President!

February 6, 1911 ~ June 5, 2004      Ronald Reagan

Fortieth President of the United States, Air Force man, Actor and oh, so much more, we honor  Ronald Reagan’s Birthday by remembering his films, Classic Hollywood Style. He acts opposite “Oomph Girl” Ann Sheridan in two of our favorite films, Juke Girl, and Kings Row. Opposite a monkey in Bedtime for Bonzo, and opposite real-life wife in Brother Rat.  First married to Jane Wyman, and father of three children, Ronald’s marriage lasted 8 years before it had run its course. Little did he know he was soon to be the bachelor to snatch up in Hollywood. Via a blind date Nancy Davis embarked on three years of dating Ronald to help cure his bachelordom. Lucky for us, the budding young starlet, who felt her best film was Night into Morning with Ray Milland ( though really, Ray’s in it, how could it not be good?) succeeded and married Ronald Reagan, giving up perhaps a more illustrious career as starlet, and taking one for the team as First Lady.

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!


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  1. Moreno says:

    Ronald Reagan was certainly one of the classic stars of Hollywood.

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