Paul Newman as Brick

January 26, 1925 ~ September 26, 2008
The cool guy in  Cool Hand Luke and Hud, the very seasoned Sports writer opposite his wife, Joanne Woodward in A New Kind of Love and the French Artist in What a Way to Go. I think I like him best as the broken husband in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Playing opposite Elizabeth Taylor, and Burl Ives, Paul holds his own as the scarred football hero dealing with injury and the death of his best friend. And while we sympathize Paul that doesn’t mean you can just leave your wife high and dry. In Tennessee Williams risqué play, the virile Paul Newman can’t seem to meet his husbandly obligations, and we love watching Elizabeth try to beat it out of him with insults, and demands. What is most impressive about this performance by Paul Newman, is that it really plays well on his ability to display feeling without saying a word. A glance, a look, a well timed turn, and you know everything his character is going through.
Happy Birthday Paul!

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