Patricia Neal @ Tiffanys


January 20, 1926 Patricia Neal Breakfast at Tiffanys
Patricia Neal is often remembered most by cult fanatics of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for her sultry voice, upscale attitude and that sense of entitlement she goes around with regarding her giagalo, Paul. She’s so obviously a New Yorker in this film, and that makes her character all the more threatening to the possibly Holly/Paul friendship and love affair. Patricia Neal approaches her role with the elegance and precision of tigress. Helping us to believe that she would survive if Paul left her, but that she may claw something on the way down. In my opinion, there’s no one else who could have played this role better. In the end when Paul does finally let her go, you know she knew it was coming, and you can feel sorry for her for just a minute, much like you would a supervillian who you just learned had a troubled childhood. Since I am one of those cult fanatics of Breakfast at Tiffanys I can confidently say, for all the miscasting that Truman Capote felt happened in this fun-loving tale of a New York hooker, they definitely got it right when they put Patricia Neal in this role. Happy Birthday Patricia!


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