Happy Birthday Shelly Fabares!


January 19, 1944

January 19, 1944  Happy Birthday Shelly!
Girl Happy is my absolute favorite Elvis movie, I know it’s probably lesser known and holds little value as an Elvis movie , but I absolutely adore it. The premise of the Chicago club owner, sending the quintessential boy band to watch his college daughter as she vacations on Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale is as insane as it gets. What is her father thinking? And yet, I love it. Mainly because the boy band, which includes Elvis, really does attempt to “watch” the daughter, Shelley Fabares, and her friends for a while. So cute. And while we may think Elvis is distracted by the amazingly gorgeous no-one-can-get-her bombshell at the pool, he comes around eventually and gives in. Besides, Shelly Fabares and her friends are just too time consuming to start a romance with anyone else. It’s a classic girl next door vs. heartthrob story, filled with fun songs, and comedic antics. Shelly is at her best playing the independent daughter, who really doesn’t need too much supervision.


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