Sundays in New York

January 11, 1930  Rod Taylor, Do Not Disturb, Sundays in New York
Rod Taylor played many a different character during his time in Hollywood. Needless to say, we liked the ones where he smiled a lot, and got the girl. Favorites are those he did with Doris Day. As a relentless Aerospace Engineer in The Glass Bottom Boat, he is determined to win Doris Days heart, even though she may be a spy for the Russians. In Do Not Disturb he plays the devoted, yet very busy, husband to a Doris Day being wooed by a French interior Designer. And while we couldn’t possibly pick a favorite….Sundays in New York was awfully fun. Highlighting one of Jane Fonda’s many romantic comedies before she graduated to the task of helping women shape their bodies to perfection. Sundays in New York sheds a little light on just what happens on Sundays in New York- namely those girl/guy get togethers that need to be shoved in before the work week starts again. It also brings up that heaviest of questions, should you before you get married, or should you wait… and if it’s the latter… just how long are you supposed to go on waiting? Ah, such a refreshing topic. Luckily our very own Rod Taylor and Cliff Robertson are on hand to help out with such problems. Cliff Robertson plays the loving brother who decidedly says …wait- wait- and wait while you’re waiting. Rod Taylor, before he’s aware that little Jane is a newbie, is about to have a lovely Sunday in New York due to some well planned rain, and nearby apartment with bathrobes… and then that newbie problem arises. Poor thing. A case of mistaken identity, some actual love, and Jane’s millionaire boyfriend from home make things even more interesting.
Happy Birthday Rod Taylor!

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