Happy New Year Hangover

In the grand spirit of Classic Hollywood, we’re honoring the first day of the New Year with much needed respite, reflection and regrets about last night. If your cocktail parties look even a little like Nick and Nora’s you know what I mean. But, we must push forward into the New Year, along with the rest of them. 2013 is sure to go faster than 2012, and given it’s the Year of the Snake, sure to give us all some sneaky surprises. It also marks the 100 year mark for Hollywood Greats… Danny Kaye, Loretta Young, Red Skeleton, and Burt Lancaster. So keep an eye out for new centennial books and films being released this year. Here at Classic Hollywood we’ll be finishing up our Smart Kids Guide to Classic Hollywood book, embarking on a new 365 days of Classic Hollywood project, tweeting quotes @hollywoodwords , and posting b-day pics and more of all our favorite stars on at classichollywd.tumblr.com

We’re also  finding some fine people out there at classichollywood.tumblr.com , and at Classic Hollywood pinterest? So share the love and let us know if you’re finding any great places out there, and join us, won’t you in honoring this new year with giving it all you got , because this year is gonna be the best one yet! And if you need another drink…. The Thin Man series has got you covered. Cheers!


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