We’re No Angels


‘Sentimental Moments, Moments that you shared with me, they will last forever and ever and ever, In my Memory’

This is the opening verse of the featured song written by Fredrick Hollander with Lyrics by Ralph Freed in the holiday classic movie ‘We’re No Angels’. So in honor of Humphrey Bogart’s 113th Birthdate we’re remembering one of Bogie’s more obscure movies, set in Devil’s Island 1895 Christmas Eve.  Three escaped convicts, hideout in an inept shopkeeper’s family owned store. Maybe they’ll rob them a little bit then murder them in their beds…then again maybe they won’t…

Leo G. Carroll better known for his roles in early classic television, Topper and The Man from U.N.C.L.E is perfectly cast as the inept shop keeper Felix. Joan Bennett plays the loving wife Amelie that wishes her husband would be a little more demanding concerning the customers paying their bills on time. Joan is another classic Hollywood actress made famous for her classic television role as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in the gothic soap ‘Dark Shadows’.

Gloria Talbott perfectly plays the shy eighteen year old daughter Isabelle, that pines for Cousin Paul whom she hasn’t seen since she and her family moved to Devil’s Island.  Gloria’s character is schooled in the ways to act to get a man’s attention by Aldo Ray’s character Albert, is dumped by John Baer’s character Paul, and John Smith’s character Arnaud, well Isabelle keeps fainting and someone tall strong and handsome has to carry her around. Sir Peter Ustinov’s convict character Jules mostly keeps tabs on young virile Albert making sure he doesn’t step out of bounds with the innocent Isobel.

Rich Cousin Andre and his son Paul have waited a year for Felix to make a go of the store and have no scruples about throwing their relatives out on the street if they find the books aren’t in order.

It’s a treat watching Bogie’s character Joseph who has a way with figures and Basil Rathbone’s newly arrived nasty cousin Andre fence with words.

We’re No Angels is definitely a feel good movie which covers all of the sentiment of the Christmas season and is a favorite on my long list of must see Holiday movies.

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  1. carolynquinn says:

    Greetings! I love your blog, so I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Here’s my post. Thank you for all the times you’ve made my day on WordPress! http://wp.me/p1l1PS-xe

    1. rochellelynn says:

      Thanks Carolyn! SO excited about your Bio on Gypsy Rose Lee’s mother!!! Can’t wait- we would be happy to post a review of it when it surfaces.

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