Happy Holidays

Classic Hollywood Thin Man

So, if you’re anything like us, as soon as the Thanksgiving trash has been taken out, you pull out every holiday film you own, and set them up nicely- right next to your t.v. Not that we would ever forget to watch Classic Holiday Films all month along with the rest of you, but we’re slightly OCD when it comes to making sure we get in every last one before the stroke of midnight on Christmas Day, and can’t miss a one!
Luckily TCM feels this way too, and already has all the Classic Hollywood Holiday Films you could want all geared up and ready to be purchased.
While we’ll be posting fun Holiday things throughout the month, you can get a head start by reading He’s Sending me a Sailor for Christmas and a  Fat Man or “Holiday Classics @ Classic Hollywood.

And while we’re gearing up on what favorite films we’re going to write about this season, you can enjoy this snippet from It Happened on Fifth Avenue between Michael O’Connor and the Store Clerk he’s attempting to sell his wool suit to.

Michael:”Six dollars for a perfectly tailor made outfit?
Store Clerk: “But your suit is all wool.”
Michael:“Well certainty its all wool
Store Clerk: “that’s bad”
Michael: Wool is bad?”
Store Clerk: “Look, when the moths are hearing I got here an all wool suit, one moth tells the other. They’re coming for a banquet. They’re bringing their friends! Pretty soon I got here a moth convention. A spray gun I gotta buy, insecticide I gotta buy, All night long I am staying and spraying. I’m not coming home. My wife is getting mad! She’s leaving for Reno. She’s getting a divorce. What am I getting? Custody of the moths. Alimony I am paying. Payments I am missing. To jail i’m going. My business is losing. I’m a bum. All because you are bringing in here an all wool suit.”

If you have favorite Holiday Flicks you wanna share, or wanna see chatted up post ’em in the comments!

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