Son of Fury

When I found out one of Robert Osborne’s picks for the this month on TCM is Son of Fury, I just had to weigh in. Tyrone Power, as most of you know, is one of our favorites here at Classic Hollywood, and all for good reason too. This film, even as unrealistic at times as it may seem—Gene Tierney stranded on his own personal secluded island, are you kidding me—tells the story of Benjamin Blake, a boy bent on claiming the birthright of an estate and title. In order to take on such difficult tasks, against such poor odds- the vengeful uncle standing in Ben’s way is the epitome of villains. What’s more, is apart from the lovely deserted island girl, our adventurous and determined Benjamin Blake also has the gorgeous Frances Farmer in his pocket back at home. What a predicament!!! Needless to say you can tell why we love this old hollywood fluff. Tyrone once again gets all dressed up for us in one of the best costume dramas of the 40’s. It really is one his best. We see the wide range of emotion and furrowed brow that got him so much attention in Lloyds of London. In 1942, Power had a good deal of his career already under his belt, and this would be just another very good move in a slew of excellent script choices. This would also be the last film Frances Farmer would appear in before an 8 year hiatus in and out of jail and psychiatric institutions. While we jest in thinking her downward spiral could have been because Tyrone chose that other girl stranded on the island, I doubt anyone of us would blame her. Who could have a chance against the sarong-clad Gene Tierney? This is a Tyrone must-see.


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