Una Merkel

Una Merkel. What can we say? We love her. She adds fun, and wit, and slapstick comedy, and even cartwheels to the films we love.  I was most taken by just how wonderful Una is, when recently watching Forbidden Hollywood Vol. 4. The advantage of being not overly gorgeous( though not all people come with those eyes), always earned her the secondary roles to the, dare I say, bigger stars. And while we’ve never seen her be too glamourous , no one else could possibly play those roles with as much fun as she does.  In They Call it Sin, she plays best friend to Loretta Young’s lost soul. Not just anyone can be ok being the friend to someone as beautiful as Loretta, and yet Una is so confident in not only her talents, but also her cartwheels, that she actually helps Loretta get a job! I, of course, know we’re just talking good character writing here, but I think we can all agree Una was something special. Pushing forward through the glamorous days of her youth( when some thought she looked like Lillian Gish), she moved on to act in Destry Rides Again 1939 and The Parent Trap in 1961. With her comedic timing I sometimes even get her confused with Joan Blondell, who can also been seen in Forbidden Hollywood Vol. 4 in Lawyer Man. Enjoy!



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