Marilyn Monroe vs. Elizabeth Taylor

Finally getting around to all the Marilyn reading I’ve been trying to catch up on, because lets face it, if its not a book chronicling our dear Miss Monroe’s tragic life, it’s a movie, or in this case a magazine article. Needless to say, stuff piles up. When the Lost Nudes of Marilyn Monroe resurfaced recently, with them came a fresh insight to the frustration of Marilyn Monroe near the end of her life, namely, one of our other favorite glamour girls of Classic Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor. While Marilyn toiled with how to be taken seriously in Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor continued to pile men under her marriage belt, and increased her earnings to more than ten times what Marilyn was making. Taylor received 1 million for Cleopatra, earned almost on the basis of providing so much fresh scandal for the press with the Richard Burton affair.Meanwhile, Marilyn was earning practically nothing in… forced to blur the line between almost nude and actually nude, in order to get any attention. Having talked with photographer… , Marilyn was quick to make clear that Elizabeth Taylor’s picture was not to appear anywhere in the same magazine issue, in which Marilyn would be featured. She was quite upset that Fox wasn’t giving her the same attention as Elizabeth, who was currently filming Cleopatra. Still beautiful, even as she aged, Marilyn saw one last chance to provide the right kind of publicity to ensure her new film’s success and prove to Fox that she was good enough, smart enough, and that people liked her- singing Happy Birthday Mr. President. But where Elizabeth Taylor succeeded, in turning the public eye to a very desired affair, Marilyn Monroe brought a different kind of press. Rumors flew of Marilyn’s supposed affairs with the Kennedy’s, and Fox called her out on breach of contract for leaving Hollywood during filming. Lost was the attempt for a good scandal, and lost was her role in the film. I wonder sometimes as we seek to understand the private lives, and thoughts of those that we feel we know so well, if it all isn’t really so terribly simple. A girl, eager for attention and fearing her future, sees another in her same situation gaining wealth, and respect simply by having an affair, and getting the movie studio in the news. Said girl thinks, hell, I can do that, and does. Lo, what works for one, doesn’t always work for us all, and Marilyn learns her hard lesson, spending an evening with the photographer, she approves the photographs she will allow him to sell to Playboy, in an issue that would hit newsstands 6 months after her death.


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  1. Tayboi says:

    Marilyn made more money for the studios in a single decade than Elizabeth made from a child to 1960. Furthermore, while Liz was whoring around and paid her million for a flop film that bankrupt the studio, Marilyn started her production company and gained both script and directors approval being the first actress to gain such power and control over her career. Plus, fox wasn’t stupid, they knew who their golden girl was which was why they renegotiated Monroe’s contract tripling her salary and rehiring her; however she didn’t get the to return in September.

    1. novik says:

      Rubbish. Elizabeth made more money from Cleo (56 millions) alone than Monroe from her whole career)))

    2. Kimberly says:

      It’s not a competition. It’s just public knowledge that Elizabeth made more than Marilyn did. I won’t disrespect Marilyn like you disrespect Liz but Elizabeth had more of an upper hand from her background in the industry.

  2. Delaney Brigid says:

    Marilyn just wasn’t as savvy as Liz was

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