‘Same Story, Different Century’

‘His Girl Friday’ I don’t know how many times I have watched it. It doesn’t matter, each time I find something new that I haven’t picked up on before. Murder, Insanity, Crooked Politicians, Slanted Press; Hildy Johnson has run that ‘rat race’ before, now she is ready for a normal life that her ex-husband Walter (Cary Grant) couldn’t provide.

The repartee between Cary and Rosalind Russell is excellent. Ralph Bellamy…well is Ralph Bellamy. The screenplay written by Charles Lederer is as relevant today as it was back in 1940 just update the names of public officials and news media that would be recognizable in 2011.

Character actors abound in this movie. John Qualen the unsung character actor plays an excellent part, nothing surpasses his ‘Grapes of Wrath’ performance but he perfected the little guy persona and he plays it well in this movie, ‘you feel his pain’. Gene Lockhart is the slightly bumbling crooked Sheriff, and Clarence Kolb as the sneaky chameleon type mayor better known to us ‘50’s’ kids as ‘My Little Margie’s fathers gruff boss George Honeywell.  I kind of wish I was able to attend the December 9th showing of this movie on the big screen at the New Embassy Theater in Cumberland, Maryland. It is definitely one of those movies that need to be watched and enjoyed on the big screen.

(Rochellelynn hasn’t asked the question yet but…) anyone out there care to share their favorite classichollywood Christmas movies? Me I need to watch, ‘Remember the Night’, ‘Meet John Doe’ and ‘Christmas in Connecticut’ to get me in the holiday mood. Time is running short!

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