Memorial Day Tributes in Classic Hollywood

In attempt to prove that Memorial Day is more than just a reason to go shopping in this here great country of ours, annstj, and I decided to round up a few sure fire Classic Hollywood reminders of what Memorial Day is all about.
Between 1937 and 1945 Hollywood made a point to fit the War into as many films as they could. Suddenly every young heroine in pictures was pining for her soldier, whether it be across the dance floor or overseas. From classics like I Was a Male War Bride, to the Sound of Music, the way Hollywood depicted the war efforts ranged from gallant fun to serious stuff. News Reels of the war covered every A and B picture, and stars promoted war bonds like there was no tomorrow, because who knew if there would be.
So lets put aside those notorious Memorial Day sales, for a little time with Classic Hollywood .
I have to admit, war films, even the Classic Hollywood kind, are not something I ever seek out. True there are boys in uniform I do like, but I’ve never been too keen on those of the military persuasion. Of course when Annstj puts Tyrone Power in front of me, I can’t say no.
Crash Dive is all war submarines and U boats and fighting back the Russians.
Dana Andrews plays a tried and true naval captain in Connecticut, happily courting a local school teacher, Ann Baxter, just waiting for that right time to propose. You know men and their five year plans. Enter Tyrone Power.
Meeting accidentally, in a questionable situation involving a bunk on a train, Tyrone begins his usual pursuit when he wants something, and backs Ann into the corner every chance he gets. Needless to say it isn’t until later that he finds out the girl he’s set his sights on, is already somebody else’s girl. See why annstj thought I’d like this film? It feels like there isn’t any war in it at all. Oh, but there is, and through all this romance we see some of the unsung heroes of the war. The men in the navy worked just as hard, if not harder, dodging enemy missiles, spotting Russian war ships and taking down enemy bases. Crash Dive makes sure to point this out near the end of the film in grand old Hollywood tribute fashion.


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