The Three Musketeers…Again

In the age of mashups, and remixes, it seems we just keep adding new twists to the same old stories. Let classichollywood be no exception! Lets take count shall we? what great stories have hit theaters near you recently? Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, Little Red Riding Hood, … and they just keep coming. The newThree Musketeers is slated to hit theatres October 14th, 2011. This film, unlike its predecesors includes not one but two dashing men, Orlando Bloom and Matthew McFayden. We also see Andrew Davies, the beloved writer of many a British Period Film, and the cutting edge director of Resident Evil, Paul Anderson.
So many times has this classic been redone, I dare not attempt to highlight them all. There is of course the 1939 classic rendition with Don Ameche as D’Artagnan and Binnie Barnes as Milady de Winter. But then who can forget the 1948 version with Gene Kelly, Lana Turner and Vincent Price. This one is affectionately coined the “athletic version” due the fact that Gene Kelly seems to approach many of his roles with an athletic fervor. And then of course there is the 1993 Three Musketeers featuring the ever comedic Oliver Platt, Keifer Sutherland,and Charlie Sheen, from when he was still considered charming. This is probably the most familiar remake, and houses villians worthy of a place on the pages of annstj’s historical novel.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming greats that were once done during the Golden Age. My Fair Lady, written by Emma Thompson, who if you remember won an Oscar for Best Screenplay with Sense and Sensibility, has a 2012 release date. Not that anyone could compare with Audrey Hepburn, but Hugh Grant may be taking the Rex Harrison part which could definitely spice up that screen. The Scarlet Pimpernel has a 2012 release date, though for my money- nothing beats the Jane Seymore, Anthony Andrews version. And Wuthering Heights, which has laid down some pretty hefty classichollywood roots planted by Laurence Olivier in 1939, resurfaces in theatres Sept 30, 2011.

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  1. theduckthief says:

    I have to disagree with you about the Scarlet Pimpernel. While I love the Jane Seymour, Anthony Andrews version, I love the 30s version more. Leslie Howard beats the pants off of Anthony’s version.

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