‘A Date with Elizabeth’

I had never watched ‘A Date with Judy’ MGM 1948.    I should have known rochellelynn would own a copy of it, she loaned it to me a couple of months ago to watch. I knew Jane Powell was the major character, Wallace Beery played her father, and hmmmm Little Scotty Beckett one of my favorite ‘Little Rascals’ also costarred as Jane’s boyfriend and Elizabeth’s brother, but when I saw Elizabeth at age sixteen in the scene standing aloof against the wall next to the stage from the rest of the dance crowd, I felt what movie fans must have observed throughout the past decades. Jane was a beautiful singer, her acting was good but when the camera zoomed in on ‘Elizabeth’ you knew this actress was going to be a ‘Star’.

Her character was the semi a-typical ‘best friend’ that thwarts the leading character, misadvising her at every opportunity. If Elizabeth were 16 today her character in Judy would be the perfect ‘Penelope’ from the ‘Luxe’ novels written by Anna Godbersen. Only in ‘Judy’ she realizes she is a bit of a stinker and tries to conquer her feelings of wickedness. If Elizabeth were 16 in 1939 I could picture her playing ‘Scarlett’.

My favorite teen movie of the 1940’s has been ‘Janie’ Warner Brothers 1944, but what a wallop when first watching Elizabeth in an almost grown-up role. Elizabeth Taylor has been the quintessential:  Actress, Star, Wife, Mother, Friend, and advocate to many that has transcended decades of Film Entertainment for us all. Her presence will definitely be missed, but her legacy will live on  forever in classichollywood films.


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