Johnny Depp in The Thin Man

So I guess the question is not if Johnny Depp can pull off the smart, fun and witty role of everyone’s favorite martini shaker, Nick Charles, but who can pull off the role of Nora. Johnny, amazing everyone with his Captain Jack role in Pirates of the Caribbean, will not have a difficult time as a suave, sarcastic Nick. With a sort of classic elegance apparent in Johnny Depp’s overall persona, one only need add an abundance of liquor, tailored suits from the 30’s and 40’s and a loving guard dog.
But who will play Nora. Every actress in Hollywood has already been mentioned. But who could possibly take the place of Myrna Loy? Annstj mentioned an interesting fact to me, as I can’t seem to stop talking about it,
that Powell was 42, and Myrna 13 years his junior at the time of Thin Man. And then of course, who does Depp have that dynamic chemistry with as Powell did with Loy?
Whats more, while I am absolutely thrilled to see one of my favorite stories being re-done, is it sacrilege to take something already so perfect and regurgitate it? I speak, facing a Hollywood stuck in the grand central station of remakes. Almost every beloved movie/story is being redone. Star Trek, Superman, the Spiderman story, Jane Eyre( again), Pride and Prejudice( again), The Hulk( again). the Scarlett Pimpernel( again), Sherlock Holmes, Wuthering Heights( again). Fellini’s 8-1/2 was just redone into the musical Nine, and Gulliver’s Travels is right now in theaters.
While I appreciate that these amazing stories are constantly looking for new renditions, I long for something original. And while Thin Man never necessarily felt like The Godfather, we would never fail to remake the latter. Right?

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