‘What a Sucker…”

honky4I have avoided watching the movie ‘Honky Tonk’ for many years, mostly because I am not a particular fan of the leading lady. However now that I have finally watched it(Thank you, Rochellelynn), I feel I have cheated myself throughout these years of watching Clark at his most rascally, pull one over on the ‘suckers’ type roles.  The movie opens with the explanation:

‘This is the story of a confidence man. That often unsung, but seldom unhung, aristocrat of the old west.’

‘And when I die, don’t bury me deep, leave one hand free, to fleece the sheep’.

The first scenes are of Clark and cohort Chill Wills (shirtless) trying to talk their way out of a tarring, feathering, and being run out of town on a rail because they are a couple of confidence men. Chill Wills a great character actor better known as the voice of ‘Francis the Talking Mule’ movies plays an excellent part.

Claire Trevor what can I say, once a ‘Warner Brothers Bad girl, always a Warner Brothers Bad Girl’. However in this film MGM seemed to make sure the ‘Bad Girl’ wore the most spectacular gowns…

Marjorie Main always a favorite character actress plays her typical, deadpan, comedic self in the film.

She has a lot of scenes with Clark and even though her character has helped to run Clark and Chill out of town, she gets to utter some of the best  final lines to fellow character actor Henry O’Neill that I am sure most females feel after watching Clark on screen.

Marjorie: I’m kinda sorry to see him go…

Henry: What?

Marjorie: Oh, nevermind, you wouldn’t know what I mean anyhow…

Henry: Why?

Marjorie: Because you ain’t a female…


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