Definition of Fun…

That would be the 1937 Barbara Stanwyck, Herbert Marshall film Breakfast for Two’. This one is a keeper, newly released from the WB Archives Collection it is actually a film made by RKO. It is said that Barbara always tried to do a comedy after doing heavy drama, this movie was made right after she completed ‘Stella Dallas’.

Herbert Marshall you say to yourself, romantic comedy? Well, yes and he does a fine credible job in ‘Breakfast for Two’ there is also a lot of physical comedy in this movie which I am sure was difficult for Herbert since he lost a leg in WWI and spent his acting career walking around on a wooden leg. If you know what you are looking for you can see where he was replaced by a stand in, but it is difficult to catch.

Glenda Farrell a Warner Brothers girl does a fine job as the gold digger her characters are always fun characters. Donald Meek and Eric Blore are at their scene stealing from the ‘main characters’ best.  Edward Stevenson who has one hundred sixty-two movies in costumes or costume design to his credit is certainly no schlep in the designing of costumes for this movie.  Thanks, Rochellelynn for a good fun classic hollywood movie suggestion.

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