….for one night with Gilda

rita_hayworth_earlyWhen Peter saw Rita Hayworth, across a crowded room, he could do little more than stare. Though what could his stare be to the sea of stares that seemed to be on Rita at all times. Young and new in Hollywood he had little more than his looks and his fabulous accent to recommend him. But the victim in this story isn’t poor Peter, it sadly was Rita. The girl who is known most for saying “men go to bed with Gilda, and wake up with me,” was also somewhat of a drinker.

And that night at a social for the stars, Peter was the only who caught her eye. Her life was riddled with men and most of them not very nice. Mistaking her acting ability and natural sex appeal for a 24 hour drive thru diner, many men did little more than stay one night. Filled with contempt and self loathing at her need to be loved, Rita looked everywhere for it. One could say she caught him at a bad time. She met Peter after he had been wounded by Lana. He was at a point where he was looking for something, anything that could make him feel better, make him feel whole. He would not find it in Rita, for she was looking for the same thing.
She would by no means be a tragic notch in his bedpost. She would move on to more questionable relationships, and so would he.
Of course, the confidence gained by being allowed to ‘stop by’ that night after the party was all that he needed to know he was back in the game.
Amazed that Rita Hayworth doesn’t have an official site, I feel the need to point out that Rita Hayworth, later replaced by Marilyn Monroe as resident sex goddess, did much to her appearance.
Most notable, somthing I think many would have noticed, was that her hair was not naturally red. It was Black. And that she underwent many painful appointments to recede her hairline, which studio execs told her was too low on her forehead.
Peter and Rita didn’t act together in any films by the way. Just happened to hang around the same sparkly town, in all it’s twisted glamour, Hollywood.

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