‘Gritty but maybe a Little Better…’

Well it certainly isn’t a ‘Doris and Rock 60’s romantic comedy’ but I still enjoy ‘Love with the Proper Stranger’ (TCM is featuring Natalie Wood on Monday’s in June and Rochellelynn and I were discussing Natalie’s co-stars). It’s a pretty serious movie for the time period (1963) but Natalie’s co-star is Steve McQueen, a Four Star Boy (whom I had a crush on since his ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ days) and even though this is a Paramount movie and Natalie was a Warner Brothers girl the movie still clicked, there is just enough humor at the end to make you empathize with the characters, and it has a feel good ending which sometimes is all you need.  Natalie received an Oscar nomination (lost to Patricia Neal in ‘Hud’) for her performance.  It was the first movie she was in that Edith Head was the ‘Costume Designer’ (Edith was a Paramount girl).  After this movie Natalie had the star power to ask for and get Edith as Designer for her other 1960’s movies WB or not. Edith was also nominated as Costume Designer for ‘Love with a Proper Stranger’ but lost to Fellini’s ‘8 ½’ and ‘Inside Daisy Clover’ with Natalie (1965), but lost out to ‘Doctor Zhivago’.

Edith was also the Costume Designer for ‘Sex and the Single Girl’ (1964) I haven’t watched ‘Sex and the Single Girl’ I’ve seen the trailer for it but if Rochellelynn says it’s a ‘Stinker’, it probably is a ‘Stinker’, but I bet the costuming is great.  It was the second movie Natalie did with Tony, the third being ‘The Great Race’ (1965) which is cute but a little long, it kept referring to ‘emancipated women’ which I am assuming is making fun of  the ‘Sex and the Single Girl’ part of the 1960’s, Women’s Liberation Movement’. I hate to say it but my favorite part of ‘The Great Race’ is the slapstick ‘Pie in the face fight scene’ towards the end of the movie, and of course the Edith Head gowns worn by Natalie.

Speaking of Natalie’s co-stars, I get the impression that Rochellelynn has a thing for Warren Beatty, she mentioned wanting to watch ‘Splendor in the Grass’ I try to never discourage anyone from watching a classichollywood movie, however as good as the acting and writing is in ‘Splendor in the Grass’ I did warn Rochellelynn that this was no romantic screwball comedy and that she would have to have a box of tissue close by if she did watch this movie.  She is undeterred…

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