A Tale of Two Lauries


I have finally watched ‘Little Women’ 1949 version and while Rochellyn found herself ‘smitten like a kitten’ over Peter Lawford, I find I cannot stop thinking about Douglass Montgomery in the 1933 version. Both Laurie’s seemed to fit their parts well but there was just something about Douglass…

I first saw it in the 1931 version of ‘Waterloo Bridge’ with Mae Clarke. There isn’t much of a Biography about Douglass Montgomery, 17 filmography credits, where Peter has 87 credits. But like Peter I think his talents were underrated although he acted opposite some of the big names in Hollywood at the time: Katherine Hepburn, Margaret Sullavan, Joan Crawford.

I felt the 1933 version was more of an ensemble version. Where the 1949 version seemed to be all about Jo (June), however the scenes between she and Peter were exceptional…and you have two of the best ‘criers’ on film in the same movie together: June Allyson and Margaret O’Brian who once asked a director how far down her face did he want the tears to go…all the way or should she stop them half way…

The casting of Paul Lukas as the Professor I couldn’t understand…and I just couldn’t get past the choosing by Jo of Paul Lukas over Douglass Montgomery, or Rossano Brazzi over Peter Lawford what were these Jo’s thinking? I guess that is classichollywood for you the screenwriter actually followed the Author’s writing.


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