‘So Proudly We Hail’

‘So Proudly We Hail’ was made by Paramount, released in 1943 and was based on the story of eight nurses who survived Corregidor.  It focuses on three main nurses, Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard, and Veronica Lake. It covers the story from their assignment to Hawaii in December 1941 before Pearl Harbor, to their transfer to Bataan then later their escape to and then from Corregidor in May 1942.

This movie received four Oscar Nominations: Paulette Goddard was nominated for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ (she lost out to Katina Paxinou in ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’). It was nominated for ‘Best Original Screenplay’ (lost to ‘Princess O’Rourke’), ‘Cinematography B & W’ (lost to ‘Song of Bernadette’), and ‘Special Effects’ (lost to ‘Crash Dive’).

Veronica Lake’s acting is also exceptional in this movie. Her characters sacrificing herself so that her fellow nurses can escape is touching especially since this movie brings up the subject of Nanking that the ‘Cry Havoc’ movie does not (the ‘lets not talk about it attitude’). I’m not even going to mention Claudette and her left side (yes she also did an excellent job of acting).

The eye candy in this one is provided by George Reeves, and Sonny Tufts.

Historically and acting wise both movies are worth watching.

‘War is Hell’ and someday it has to stop but what do you do when the bad guys don’t stop fighting and keep trying to kick your teeth in?

Me, well I look to classichollywood they always seem to have the answer!

(On this Memorial Day Weekend a ‘Special Thanks’ to all of the Medical Professionals and Volunteers of the Armed Forces and Allied Forces that have served to heal our Combat Troops now and throughout the decades.)


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