They Only Kill Their Masters

232647_1010_aI first watched ‘They Only Kill Their Masters’ on my Black & White Television set. I watched it because of James Garner (Maverick), and Katherine Ross (The Graduate). As the plot unfolded I remember thinking ‘Oh my gosh…” huge MGM Classic Hollywood stars were now playing character parts: Peter Lawford, June Allyson, Ann Rutherford, Edmund O’Brien etc.

Rochellelynn had not long ago recommended watching ‘Two Sisters from Boston’. I had never heard of it. I watched it. She was right…the sparks did fly between Peter and June. When I originally watched ‘They Only Kill Their Masters’ I had been trying to figure out who did what to whom, the ending was a little shocking for me at the time…I had not guessed who the murderer was (I usually do. However, it had been a little difficult to follow with all of the commercial breaks and I am pretty sure I missed some clues).

I watched the trailer on TCM it brought back memories of parts of the movie, Peter was still his debonair self his hair a little longer, grayer but still stylish for 1972, still the same Peter. I wish I could watch it again start to finish, not snitches and snatches, with breaks in between. Peter and June together again, only for a short screen time but it was nice seeing them together again…two of the classiest of classic hollywood screen actors.


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