“and a Fat Man…”

‘Christmas in Connecticut’ is also on my must see list for watching over the holiday’s. Not only for the reasons stated by Rochellelynn but particularly for the performances of the great Character actors, Sydney Greenstreet, Una O’Connor, S.Z. Sakall, and Reginald Gardiner whom I wonder if he ever got tired of playing the smarmy boyfriend who always looses the girl.

As a Warner Brothers girl I also enjoy the little bits and pieces the writers put in referring to other movies of there’s; their little inside jokes.

I’m sure Cuddles referring to Greenstreet as the‘Fat Man’ (his character in his first film with WB the Classic titled ‘The Maltese Falcon’) had audiences in the theatre’s chuckling back then.

And the gowns specifically designed for Miss Stanwyk in the movie by the great Edith Head. Who normally worked for another studio were exceptional.

Snow the moon and cuddled up with Dennis Morgan in a horse drawn sleigh at Christmas in Connecticut, what more could a girl ask for.


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