‘The Major and the Minor’


What better day than Halloween is there to comment on one of classichollywood’s most versatile actresses?  She could sing, she could dance, she made you laugh and she sure could make you cry.  One of my most favorite screwball Ginger Roger’s movies (without Fred) teamed her up with Ray Milland, in ‘The Major and the Minor’. She played a twenty something year old, a twelve year old, and a mother with a 12 year old.  


Directed and written by Billy Wilder some of the best scenes are at the Wallace Institute with 300 cadets. 

My favorite Cadets; actor Raymond Roe (Cadet Wigton), and Frankie Thomas (Cadet Osbourne) who utter lines to Ginger’s character that describe her dancing from ‘adequate’ to ‘the way you make with the feet is like dancing with a puff of wind’


Double entendres fly throughout the film.  Mrs. Shackleford’s epidemic of female students mimicking Veronica Lake’s peek-a-boo hairstyle is priceless.  Diana Lynn a Paramount proverbial little sister was as exceptional in this as she was in ‘The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek’, and as usual the great ‘Edith Head’ out did herself in the costuming challenges of dressing Ginger’s character to make the plot somewhat believable.  It isn’t an award winning movie; it is just a fun classichollywood movie that star’s an exceptional classichollywood actress.



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  1. Gina says:

    I agree – what a fun movie! You have excellent taste!

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