Screwballs- Ginger Rogers

gingerSo I decided to award one of these coveted posts to one of my favorite actresses, Ginger Rogers.
The zany girl, who first caught the eye of the public in Gold Diggers of 1933, would be both blessed and cursed in her career in film.

Of all the places in all the world, she had to walk into mine- thought the reluctant Fred Astaire.
A quick pair up in Flying down to Rio, and the depression ridden public just couldn’t get enough of Astaire and Rogers.
Much to the chagrin of both Fred and Ginger, they took their now unbreakable partner act to unthinkable heights with thirteen films, many with songs written by Gershwin, and all undeniably great. Happy fluff that it was, neither Fred or Ginger were satisfied being one piece of a dynamic duo. Ginger Rogers laced her career with extremely notable films and even won an oscar for Kitty Foyle in 1940 for her portrayal of the -what was becoming typical- Jaded Woman.

She could Dance, Sing, and Act- who knew? And on a side note, you know, it’s people like Ginger that make me think that it’s a little unfair that some people get all the talent and others absolutely none. But, in Ginger’s favor she put it too good use.
She made excellent dramas, like Primrose Path, and I’ll be Seeing You, great comedies- Vivacious Lady and The Major and the Minor are faves, and of course her string of musicals with Fred Astaire. She would, with elegance, stand aside as a supporting actress as a new generation of stars in the 1950’s took the lead roles. Ginger was funny, graceful, humble and an excellent actress.

Her screwball antics are evident in all her romantic comedies, but I am particularly attached to The Gay Divorcee, with Cole Porter’s Night and Day and another wonderful dress by Edith Head with feathers, who could go wrong? Her fetish for feathers actually earned her the nickname ‘Feathers,’ a better name for a girl so light on her feet, one could not find.


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