….Put Me in Your Pocket Mike

When Grace Kelly stepped into the shoes of Katherine Hepburn in HighSociety, a musical remake of the classic Philadelphia Story, I was more than worried. What I knew of Grace was elegance, poise and beauty in a most justified way, but I could not see her as the Katherine Hepburn with the striped stocking hat she dons while at the Library in ‘Philadelphia.’
What made Katherine great as Tracy Lord in the The Philadelphia Story was not only her chemistry with Cary Grant, seen also in Holiday and Bringing up Baby, but also the believeable innocence that James Stewart is able to pull out of her during a fabulous scene at the pool when she’s absolutely sloshed. This type of drunkedness on Grace would, nevertheless, be terribly unbelievable. Grace Kelly takes on a character which she herself would in real life never have to be. While Grace’s acting is superb, with a voice trill reminiscent of Hepburns best acting, and comedic timing that, while unbelievable for anyone who looks as flawless as Grace, is actually funny, I hesitate to say I like Hepburn better.
High Society is filled with excellent memorable songs, and an excellent cast. The Philadelphia Story succeeds in making light the real problem of Tracy Lord; a woman with the whole world at her feet who has a problem accepting anything not up to her standards. The problem being of course, that in having those standards for others, she automatically imposes them on herself. A lesson in love is taught I think to all women holding their nose a little too high in the air- and everything from that point goes bottoms up.


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  1. hannah says:

    Great post! The Philadelphia Story is one of my favorite films of all time. I really wanted, in my heart, for Tracy and Connor to get together. Sigh, but we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. I haven’t actually watched High Society yet, although I’ve been meaning to. Though I can’t imagine anyone in the role of Tracy Lord but Katherine Hepburn.

    On a sidenote, I’ve been totally crushing on Peter Lawford at the moment, too! I pulled out Royal Wedding, Easter Parade, and Good News just to enjoy his yumminess.

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