‘How to Marry Television Style’


      As an adolescent one of my favorite Television shows was ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ starring: , Lori Nelson, Barbara Eden, and Merry Anders.  When I first watched (on late night television) the Classic Hollywood movie ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ I was impressed at how well they chose the actresses to play the parts, Lauren Bacall was impressive playing the Merry Anders part, Betty Grable in Lori Nelson’s part was acceptable, and Marilyn Monroe was extraordinary in playing the Barbara Eden part.  It was only later when I was a little older that I realized that as usual in early Classic Television, the movie had come first.  However I never forgot the program or the names of the actresses in the television series.

      They had good performances, bad performances…I couldn’t tell you.  But they were memorable romantic, comedic performances. The series made an impression on me. It was produced at Twentieth Century-Fox and syndicated on television during the 1957-1959 season, it made me laugh and though not all three girls went on to stardom, well, it was a stepping stone for one of our best known Classic Television icon’s, Barbara Eden, as ‘I Dream of Jeanie’.  Classic Television was my introduction to Classic Hollywood movies and their unforgettable stars.


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