William and Myrna

Fresh from a full on thin man marathon, I must confess  I think both annstj and I were a little smitten. I, for one, am always interested in the backstory. How did the actors get along? I’m always shocked when I see such a great on-screen presence and then find out the actors despised each other. It’s happened to the best them. William and Myrna, however, shared an actual liking for each other. 

myrnawilliamThe 1930’s were a busy time for William Powell. 1931 would see him married to Carole Lombard, a marriage which lasted only two years, but apparently left both of them still friends. In 1934 he would star opposite the quintessential home maker, Myrna in Thin Man. This endeavor would prove fruitful in more ways than one. The prolific pair would go on to star in more than 14 movies together. They stared in the thin man movies as well as best picture,  The Great Zeigfeld in 1936. 1936 would be the same year he would reunite with ex-wife Carole Lombard, for My Man Godfrey. It’s classic hollywood moments which put together ex lovers in romantic roles that restore my faith in the art of acting.

Myrna would act with both William and  his new and most intense  love interest Jean Harlow in Libeled Lady- an absolute classic. It would be Myrna that was there for him when Jean Harlow passed away.

Together these two were instoppable. And as annstj menitoned the myrna loy and william powell romance collection is 7.5 hours of absolute bliss. Seeing these two onscreen one can’t but help imagine a love affair off screen. Unfortunatley for all us romantics out there, there never was a romance between Myrna and William, just amazing chemistry and a really good friendship.


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  1. kittypackard says:

    Ahhh … good old Bill Powell. Bill and Myrna’s onscreen chemistry has rarely been equaled, don’t you think?

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Gina says:

    If you get a chance, see if you can track down “I Love You Again” with Bill & Myrna. I think you might enjoy it, too.

    1. rochellelynn says:

      I LOVE that film, I ended up buying the Powell and Loy romance collection last year (i’m such a sap about these old romancy comedies) and just loved that one. It also has Love Crazy, where William is in drag- as his ‘aunt’. Absolutely hilarious stuff.

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